Scenery and Sights

Looking towards Butte Mountain

View towards Butte MountainHere's a great shot from Ridge Road between Sutter Creek and Pine Grove. Looking south towards Butte Mountain.

Steamy Llamas

Steaming LlamasI caught this sight the other day while driving up Climax road a few days after Thanksgiving. The sun had just risen, and was warming up the frost that had settled on these Llamas.

This strange term kept popping into my head: llamadorable!

Sunset-lit clouds

Sunlit CloudsSunlit CloudsI caught this beautiful sunset on September 1, 2006, outside of Raley's in Jackson.

Walking outside after a quick visit to Raley's, we looked up to see the bright orange clouds lit by the rays of the sunset. Fortunately I had my digital camera handy...

Scenes from a recent Pine Grove Farmers' Market

Scenes from a recent Pine Grove Farmers' Market

A snapshot of the activity at a recent Wednesday Pine Grove Farmers' Market - there was quite a crowd even as it was getting late. Live music, too!

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