Scenery and Sights

Sunset near Lowe's

Sunset near Lowe'sHere is a series of sunsets I caught in November of 2006, near the new Lowe's and Safeway center.

Glowing Sunset in Pine Grove

Glowing Sunset in Pine Grove: Dramatic imageryIs it a painting or a photo?

Surreal Sunset

Surreal SunsetHere's a sunset I caught February 22, 2005 - the clouds have an artistic quality that appeals to me.

Sky on fire

Sky on fireHere's a great sunset I caught January 4, 2007. The clouds broke just a few miles down the hill, allowing the setting sun to paint the underside of the cloud layer a beautiful deep red color.

Clouds with sunburst

Clouds with sunburstHere's a great sunset shot taken on Highway 88 heading east from Clements towards Ione - just past the Amador County line.

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