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Comet McNaught photos from around Amador County

Here are a couple of photos of Comet McNaught, taken from around the County. You can barely see the comet in these small versions of the photos - click the photos to see the full-size versions.

Comet McNaught with Mt. Diablo on horizonComet McNaught from the Ag Office


Photos courtesy of Keith Breazeal of Keith Breazeal Video Production

Butte Mountain from Highway 49

Morning sun peeks from behind the clouds: Butte Mountain is shrouded in fogHere are a couple of shots from the vista point on Highway 49 entering Jackson. From here you can overlook the entire Jackson area, out towards Butte Mountain and Mount Zion.

Sun bursting through clouds on Latrobe Road

Sun bursting through cloudsNice sunburst peeking from behind clouds, taken off of Latrobe Road in April of '06

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