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Best Restaurants of Amador County

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Andrae's Bakery

Andrae's Bakery
has amazingly good bread - I've had the pleasure of sampling a few of their fresh-baked breads; the ciabatta bread is heavenly. We plan on going back to try some of their other goodies soon.

Located on Highway 49 in tiny Amador City, you might miss it if you blink. They're only open Thursday through Sunday, so plan accordingly.

Colina De Oro

Colina De Oro is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the area.

The service is always prompt and courteous, the food is fresh and served hot. I call it the "best fast food in the area" even though it's not technically fast food - it's just that the food is brought to your table so soon after ordering, it's quicker than many so-called fast food restaurants, and the Colina De Oro's fare is much tastier.

The chips are fresh and crisp; the salsa is not my favorite but it's pretty good (it's my wife's favorite salsa in an area restaurant). Soft drink refills are free. If you drink water, I'd recommend bringing your own bottle if you aren't used to Plymouth water - let's just say that the water has a rather unique taste.

My wife's favorite is the steak chimichanga. I like the chicken burrito, and the chile verde is good too. I had the azada tacos tonight; they were very good.

They have a full-service bar which I've not had an opportunity to sample, and the place gets pretty busy on Friday nights. It's downright crazy during the Amador County Fair, which is just a few blocks down the street.

If you like Mexican food, be sure to stop in and give Colina De Oro a try when you are in the Plymouth area.

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