Community Issues

Ole Pokerville

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's ironic that residents of a town once named "Pokerville" are blocking attempts to open a casino in the area?

Concerns about a casino in the neighborhood are quite understandable, I just thought the whole affair was kinda funny, especially when there are permanent signs on the way into town proclaiming the town's historic name. Seeing those signs, then the bright yellow signs saying "No Casino in Plymouth" gives me a chuckle every time.


Does anybody know a good (and preferably free) way to block on a home computer?

Personal information disclosure and Myspace

My main concern is with kids disclosing information that can be used to identify & locate them: school, hangouts, etc. Not to mention the possibility of disclosing home address.

Do you homeschool?

Do you homeschool? Need help with a special challenge or need? Here's a place to ask.


Do our kids spend enough time learning while in school? Based on my own experience and discussing this with other parents, I've come to the conclusion that many kids spend more time on fashion accessories, gadgets and gizmos, and trying to stay up with the latest trends than they do on the educational materials.

Worst roads in Amador County

What's the worst road in Amador County? C'mon, name your most hated road. Everyone has one on their list.

What's the growth-related issue that concerns you the most?

And, how should we deal with it?

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