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Looking towards Butte Mountain

View towards Butte MountainHere's a great shot from Ridge Road between Sutter Creek and Pine Grove. Looking south towards Butte Mountain.

Sunset-lit clouds

Sunlit CloudsSunlit CloudsI caught this beautiful sunset on September 1, 2006, outside of Raley's in Jackson.

Walking outside after a quick visit to Raley's, we looked up to see the bright orange clouds lit by the rays of the sunset. Fortunately I had my digital camera handy...

Timeless Creatures Taxidermy

Timeless Creatures Taxidermy offers high-quality taxidermy services to the hunting and fishing enthusiast.


Best Western Amador Inn

The Best Western Amador Inn is located in the Heart of Jackson, conveniently located near the historic Jackson downtown district where you can find all manner of charming shops and eateries.

The facilities are new and attractive, and the Inn is easy to find. This would be a good choice if you want a convenient location.

Go to the Best Western Amador Inn website.

Sorting cattle

Sorting cattle

Our neighbors sort cattle at the Wright Ranch cattle sorting practice.

Waiting to sort cattle

Waiting to sort cattle

Maritza (left) and Christi wait at the Wright Ranch cattle sorting practice.

Christi and Icelandic

Christi and Icelandic

My daughter Christi rides a neighbor's Icelandic at a local cattle sorting event.

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