Pine Grove

Out and about - February 28, 2007

Here are some photos from around Pine Grove area last night and today. Snow...

Snow BlindBarren TreeCool BeemerSign of the times

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step

This is good advice in any situation. Found on the entrance to a local restaurant.

Turkey Vulture soars near Mt. Zion

Free FlightKeith Breazeal snapped this photo of a scavenger in flight while working on the fire observation cameras on Mt. Zion.

Butte Mountain is off in the distance. It seems as if we are flying along with the bird.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Breazeal Video Productions

Glowing Sunset in Pine Grove

Glowing Sunset in Pine Grove: Dramatic imageryIs it a painting or a photo?

Surreal Sunset

Surreal SunsetHere's a sunset I caught February 22, 2005 - the clouds have an artistic quality that appeals to me.

Sky on fire

Sky on fireHere's a great sunset I caught January 4, 2007. The clouds broke just a few miles down the hill, allowing the setting sun to paint the underside of the cloud layer a beautiful deep red color.

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