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Broadband Access in Amador and other Sierra Foothills Counties

Many people in Amador County (and surrounding areas) do not have access to reliable broadband Internet services. There is significant demand for these services, but the current infrastructure does not serve that demand.

(Please note that satellite-based internet systems such as Starband, DirectPC/HugesNet, and WildBlue are not true broadband due to significant performance and compatibility limitations.)

Central Sierra Connect ( is engaged in an effort to bring expanded broadband internet access to our area. If you are interested in this effort, you should check out their web site–there are several interesting reports on their site, including an in-depth discussion of broadband demand (and the extent to which the demand is not being served) in our area.⇒ Read More...

Keith Breazeal captures the beauty of Amador County and surrounding areas

Amador County Scenery and Wildflower PhotosKeith Breazeal is moving his best Amador County (and surrounding area) scenery photos to–making it easy for you to view his photos and order custom prints in your choice of sizes and papers.

Keith Breazeal is a longtime Amador County resident specializing in action video, video production, and professional photography.

You can visit Keith's Gold Country photo gallery to see his latest works.

2007 Gold Country Cruise Car Show May 19

2007 Gold Country Cruise Car ShowHere are some photos taken at the 2007 Gold Country Cruise Car Show in Jackson, California May 19 2007.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

July 4 2007 Classic Car Gathering in Volcano, California

Red HotI was passing through Volcano, California on Independence Day. There was an informal gathering of the local classic car and hot rod owners - they were having a little picnic in the park.

I hopped off my motorcycle and snapped a few photos. I hope you enjoy them.

The smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude

The smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude

I caught this scene at the 2007 Gold Country Cruise Car Show...

Scenes from Daffodil Hill 2007

Up close and personalI just returned from a visit to Daffodil Hill today. It's my first time since moving to Amador County years ago - seems like every time I remember the event, the flowers have disappeared, and I must await next year's event.

Not this time! I finally made it, and here are some photos from my visit.⇒ Read More...

Chance suns herself after the snow

Peeking out from behind the barnChance suns herself after days of heavy snow.

Photo courtesy of Keith Breazeal

Out and about - February 28, 2007

Here are some photos from around Pine Grove area last night and today. Snow...

Snow BlindBarren TreeCool BeemerSign of the times

Amador County among the best places to live in rural America

Unsurprising to those of us who live here - Progressive Farmer magazine rates Amador County among the best places to live in 'rural' America.

It's a great place to visit, too. Amador County visitors and residents alike know that we have beautiful views, gentle foothills, sweeping vistas, mountain lakes, rivers, streams, vineyards, and so much more.

Turkey Vulture soars near Mt. Zion

Free FlightKeith Breazeal snapped this photo of a scavenger in flight while working on the fire observation cameras on Mt. Zion.

Butte Mountain is off in the distance. It seems as if we are flying along with the bird.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Breazeal Video Productions